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Bach 190S37 Stadivarius Series 50th Anniversary Bb Trumpet

Price: $4,413.00
SKU:  ae00-1221^190S37
Product  190S37
Fifty years ago, Bach moved its operations from Mt. Vernon, NY to Elkhart, Indiana. While those old Mt. Vernon Bach trumpets and the mouthpieces from those days are collectible and possess a unique charm, the early Stradivarius models from the Elkhart factory established and cultivated their own unrepeatable legacy. This is the 190S37 Stradivarius 50th Anniversary Model, a combined homage and celebration of the original Stradivarius models that rolled off the line in 1965.

Bach has taken one of the most popular trumpet designs ever and improved upon it. The 190S37 Stradivarius features a .459-inch medium-large bore combined with a one-piece hand hammered yellow brass bell with the popular #37 taper and side seam. This trumpet also features two-piece valve casing with nickel balusters and wide sculpted bracing that gives this trumpet improved resonance and tonal core that surpasses the traditional 180S37 model.

This resonance, combined with improved flexibility, allows the player to play with a greater presence without working harder. Characteristic of the traditional Stradivarius trumpet, the 190S37 series can perform in any situation from classical to jazz. The 190S37 Stradivarius Series Bb trumpet includes a Bach 3C mouthpiece, anniversary wood shell case and a silver finish.

Model: 190S37
Manufacturer: BACH